How can you describe the feeling when winter finally falls away and green shoots come out from under dead-leaf mulch?

Just look at that new life!

Green and healthy with strength of a new kind.

Summer beat spring for two days and like children, we could not be kept indoors.
Long ago the child would skip and giggle, lie in the grass and roll down a hill.

But I walk two miles…then take part in a separation of branches from too thick a bush.

I work, I bend in all sorts of contortions, I forget, I overwork, and hope I’ve not undone what my chiropractor is trying so hard to fix. This older age pace eludes me still.

As the earth revolves, and seasons pass, in the death…it always comes back to new life.…change, hope, and more life.


One died two centuries ago.

He went to the grave for new life,

But it wasn’t for himself,

Though He lives again.

…it was for you…it was for all.

Jesus Christ; the ultimate servant.

Give thanks,

Your life depends on it.

When the Fog Sinks In and Chills

There are days when fog never lifts,

When dreams turn to ash

And relationships twist into ugly shapes.


You hoped for so much!

Your dreams were larger than life,

Hope fell flat and you are shocked at time gone by…

Looking back…wanting a life do-over.

Trouble is you forgot Who it is that plans life

And though you did your best,

Things…life…got out of control.

Your life, your influence…over others.

Then you step back and remember…

Your life and its destiny are not up to you.

That you can’t change what is past,

Or make others change.

Tell yourself—it’s not up to you to police the world,

To stress when some are up to no good.


The God of the Universe will bring us all to our knees

…if we have not gone there yet.

Take heart! Be brave and courageous,

But don’t play God; don’t try to make people mind.

Pray, praise, have joy, live life and still love large.