On Blogging…or Better Late than Never!

I hate to admit I was a late bloomer. Even as an adult I could never keep up with the latest…anything. My Sweets would tell you how gullible and naïve I have always been…and behind the times. It’s possible I live in my own little oblivious world, where I think all people can be trusted to say the truth and be real. Well, maybe sometimes it’s not all that bad.
In reality I know this is not true, but I want it to be true. I want to think that people want to be good, and help others, and do the right thing.


Just recently I have been hearing the buzz that blogging is dead. Or at least blogging is dying. So I spent some time asking Google the scary question—Is Blogging Dead? That was yesterday.


Of course, what did I find but old articles about the death of blogs. So once again, I am late and out of touch. I also learned about how long blogs have been out there, and who was writing them back in the beginning. Yeah, I am definitely behind the times. Not only that but my daughters bugged me for two years before I actually decided to bite the bullet and put my everyday thoughts out there. So, blogging has been around since 2000ish and I started my blog in 2011.


So maybe I am the last horse at the racetrack…



We discussed the death of blogs at our writer’s forum last night and I found that not only do some of them not blog, but they don’t even read blogs. One man in our group is constantly researching for another book, or speaking to historical societies.


When I first discovered blogs I started reading Proverbs 31. From there I picked up several others. I began reading several blogs every day because bloggers were writing every day! How could they do that? I asked. It wasn’t that I didn’t have discipline to do it, but how could I keep an audience every day?

Blogging Meanwhile, I realized I spent too much time on it and decided I would only read blogs that I enjoy the most, and even then if my mailbox is too full on a given day, I don’t read them. Sorry, life is too short.




Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate many women out in Cyber World that share deep things, God uses their words to encourage or stretch my life. I also want to be in touch with a much bigger part of the Christian woman’s world. From young women with children, to women who are involved with missions and speaking in conference settings.


On writing:

I have attended many writers’ conferences over the years, as I tried to publish while bringing up six children. For me, I could not divide myself between the two. I know there are plenty of women who can do it, but I am not one.
I was in Philadelphia at a conference in 1988 and the main speaker was Michael Phillips. I had read all the George MacDonald books he had edited and I got hooked on his historical novels. It was a great privilege to hear him speak.

Writing was very different in those days. There were few Christian writers, who published without agents, and sent their book proposal directly to the publishing house. But competition is fierce now, and publishers accept only a fraction of the books they once published.


From day one the talk about building a Platform and getting a Tribe seemed way over my head. I can’t tell you how long this has been the process to get to published. I wanted to write, not spend time figuring out how to be noticed. I certainly didn’t want to spend the bulk of my time working at those things instead of sharing my heart.

There must be another way, I thought.

Interestingly, this very morning I was reading Emily at http://www.chattingatthesky.com who talked about the dying blog. Not only did Emily talk about it but linked Tsh’s website where blogging was the subject on http://theartofsimple.net/state-of-the-blog-address-2015/.
In the meantime, bloggers have been writing less, and instead, are showing up on Instagram, Twitter (I won’t go there), and Facebook. Hopefully their other goals, such as writing books will be met with more ease and less stress. But then…not as many books are being published anymore, and magazines are losing ground.



Since I have come to the blogging world late, I could spend my time regretting that I did not build my tribe, build my email database, and make myself be known.


But I won’t, and I’m not sorry.


I have no idea how long this blogging thing will last, but I aim to die with it…hold out to the end, and pray that I will do what God is trying to accomplish in me.


He brought me to this time, and for me, being a late bloomer is the best thing of all. One thing about getting older is being more comfortable in your own shoes, or just easier for this introvert.


I’m comfortable with my small world, my few readers and even fewer comments. I will not feel lost and never known in the great world of publishing.  But greater is the chance that I will publish myself.

(Which, of course in the old days, was looked down upon).


So my readers, what ever God has for you to do this year, do it with passion.  Give your all to His purpose in your life. Look for Him in everything, for the rewards of joy are everlasting.


“The Lord will fulfill his purpose for me;

    your steadfast love, O Lord, endures forever.

    Do not forsake the work of your hands.”


Psalm 138:8 (ESV)



6 thoughts on “On Blogging…or Better Late than Never!

  1. Welcome to the late bloomers club! I am the one who fought hard to keep watching movies on VHS around when DVDs came out! 🙂 I too did not start blogging until 2011 and have gone through a transformation. I think it all depends on what you want to achieve with blogging. Some people want to brand. That has never been my purpose. I have many followers yet I seem to have a smaller group of commenters and that is alright with me. I do have to say that I am more active on Instagram and Twitter. I find it that I get more immediate feedback that way and has helped with the blog. But in the end, I love having my little world on the blog. It is my happy place to write my thoughts,

  2. Saw your comment over on Tsh’s blog. I too am out of the loop and am a little late to the scene. I figure God always has a plan for me and this is the season for me to explore my writing – I don’t have time right now to worry about tribes or publishers. Although, I would like to be published – it’s long been a dream and I think I have a story to tell, but we’ll see. Right now, blogging is an outlet and I’ll keep writing and reading blogs. You are right about ‘being more comfortable in our shoes as we get older’. It was good to read your words.

  3. I too choose to believe the best about people while others think I am crazy. We can’t just change our personality! 🙂
    Don’t worry-you aren’t the last to the party. I finally started blogging a year ago. It was the right time for me and God. That’s all that matters!

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