What is Your Sign?

Today when I woke I had nothing to share with you. Yesterday I took my youngest back to college, (sigh), and later went to a Bible study.


We are studying Lysa TerKeurst’s book, What Happens When Women Say Yes to God.




I make it a point to post on Wednesdays because that works for me, and even if I write 500 words, nothing may come of my blog. So I keep at it!


Today I was down to the wire. I lacked sleep from last night because something is heavy on my heart.


The coffee didn’t work.


The -8 degrees meant I was not going outside, so I traded the computer for the treadmill…and prayed.


Instantly I heard my title, but what did it mean? Then a picture came to mind. Some of you might think I’m going to share my horoscope, and that I am Scorpion… but no.


Bear with me as I share some words I saw on Facebook that cut me. I am not so sheltered, or ignorant that I have not heard some bold and bad words about Christianity. We all hear them; some words said straight to our face, or slammed at us from TV, in newspapers, magazines, and books.


Here it is:



It’s ok to have one

It’s ok to be proud of it


Do not pull it out in public

Do not push it on children

Do not write laws with it

Do not think with it.



Yeah…that’s raw, bold and cutting. It definitely was pushed on me.


What is our first question, Americans? Is it the cry for freedom of speech? With malice there are those who promote any agenda, and we watch as they are all accepted in society because of America’s freedom of speech…but not the Christian. They say they are accepting all thoughts, all actions, all views, but they are not.


Is the Christian the enemy?


What has Christianity done to the world…to make it worse?


On the contrary, history shows Christianity founded our country and gave men the freedom to say what they think, to write what they feel. No one has to agree, but give them all their right.


So here is my right, and let me ask:


Should we withhold teachings of the God of the Universe and let our children grow up ignorant of his love?


Should we neglect to teach them morals and how to live peacefully in our society? (Sorry, but morals are taught in the Bible).


In support of the Bible I want to remind you…this is where love came from.


Some One loved us so much that we were redeemed.


Some One gave his only Son so we might have real life. Real life.


Last week my husband and I were at the movies. Nearly all the trailers for new movies were destruction of earth, or surviving incredible enemies. Where is love?

Is this what’s on the minds of Americans? Do we fear destruction of earth is soon?


Rather than push away Christianity, let us explore it. We need to have an open mind to all things and judge what is truth. (Sound familiar?)

But let me remind you: you have the right to disagree. You have the right not to hear me. I’m not forcing you to listen to me.


What is the sign of a Christian?


So…what is my sign?


We must find love, because love is the answer, and love is the sign of the Christian.

Google image


You’ve all seen the fish signs on cars, but that means nothing to me. I often thought a fish sign on my dash might remind me not to be angry when a car cuts me off. But I don’t wear that sign.


Look, I can even Americanize it.


Christians work at love, but we can’t do it on our own. We have to surrender to God every day. Sacrificing our lives for others should be our agenda, but it’s not easy.


…and who wants to do it?


It’s a test. Do we really believe God? Do we believe his plan for us is always best?


What is most important is this:


What do others see when they see me?


I have a sign; it is “little Christ.” Not that I am a clone of him, but I sincerely try to model my life after him. I surrender, I seek for truth, I read my Bible, and I love.


You may call me a hypocrite because I slip. Oh yeah, like the day we were leaving the grocery store in the cold rain and I saw the flat tire. Yeah, I swore. It just fell out like it was normal for me.


My Sweets would be aghast. Not my mom, my gentle and quiet mom, they would say.  Even those who know me would be shocked, yeah.

Just because I slip and mess up in this messy world, doesn’t mean I can’t truly love you.


It doesn’t mean that I can’t pick myself up and be sorry, and refocus on God. I’ve learned the secret: even though I fall, he will pick me up every time…because he loves.


My sins are thrown in the depths of the sea, lost forever. He never brings them up to my face again to make me feel guilty, and that goes for all those redeemed, not just me.


He loves with perfect love.


And that’s my sign.  I want to love like He does.


How about you?


Micah 7:19 ESV


Micah 7:19 ESV


8 thoughts on “What is Your Sign?

  1. Hi Diane! Visiting from Holly Gerth’s site. Thank you for your honesty and writing from your heart! Love is the best sign for us as Christians to broadcast to the world. It’s the only thing that will bring about change.

  2. Darlene

    Thank you for sharing your gift of words. For being real, for being human and for being willing to share truth…thank you. ~Darlene

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