Ode to the Snowplow


After fighting off some kind of sinus thing for four days I dragged out to the chiropractor for an adjustment. I thought long and hard about a blog idea, but nothing came to me. I even have a cool spiral diagram on paper, with bunches of ideas jutting out from it but still nothing came to me. Actually I didn’t feel up to it, but I don’t want to get out of the habit of writing.


That was Monday…

I slept dead to the world at night. I was only briefly awakened by the faithful snowplow heading back and forth sounding like a train in our front yard.




Barely awake at dawn I mused…”Ode to the Snowplow.”


The trouble is, I’m not great at poetry and what I used to write was just free verse. Instead I procrastinated, but give me credit—I read my Bible, went on the treadmill, and did some random housework.


I was feeling good enough that I wasn’t bored, but not good enough to I wish I were a kid again and could go out and ride bike or go sledding…except there’s not enough fresh snow.




That word kept coming back to me all week, and suddenly I remembered a song:


Spirit of the Living God,

Fall fresh on me!

Spirit of the Living God,

Fall fresh on me!

Melt me, mold me,

Fill me, use me!

Spirit of the Living God,

Fall fresh on me!

by Daniel Iverson



I love many of the old songs, which started as poetry in the beginning. And today I need a fresh touch from the Spirit of the Living God to keep sanity in the cold winter.



I did finally write the Ode to the Snowplow, hope you like it.

Google image


Ode to the Snowplow

O mighty plow, whose noise can wake the dead,

Drives steadily on, day and night on its path

Pushing heaps of snow away and off, so drivers will not dread.


On and on your great metal blade sparks

As all your blinking yellow lights caution–slow, and as you

Come by ( if only mailboxes had life), they would dart.


O faithful yellow truck pitching salt and cinders—we don’t mind

That you give our trucks and cars that new white look

O coffee drinking plow driver, think of all that overtime!


Google image



(It wasn’t that terrible was it?)


Have a joyful week.








6 thoughts on “Ode to the Snowplow

  1. You should see some of the inventive ways we country folks have positioned our mailboxes so they don’t get clipped by the snowplows! I always love hearing them rambling down the road. The more snow, the better, I say! I love how you were inspired to write a poem about a snowplow. Never would have crossed my mind!

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