Questions for Heaven…Part 2

Some days when I wake I burst with questions about nature and God and they all seem to run together in my mind. Do I really find answers? Do I need answers?

Monday was one of those days!

The sunshine fooled me. I was hoping it was 40F out there, but it was not.


I saw a bundle of burdocks on the snow bank, and wondered many things:

How did the burdock bunch get so big?

Did it blow its way here, or did someone put it there?

Did some longhaired dog finally pull it off his coat?

These and other nonsense questions run through my mind and I can’t help it. What are we doing when we ask questions anyway? We are asking God about it.

The snow has been lying there for months…all hard and crunchy.

How long will it take to melt?

Does any of the hard snow evaporate?

Are all those ticks dead from the deep freeze? I hope so.

Why do some of the oak trees cling to their shriveled leaves all winter, only to fall when the new ones start bursting forth?

Lucky for my family that I don’t ask all these questions out loud, every day, all the time. I would have to peel duct tape off my mouth constantly.

These questions are more about earth, than questions about heaven as I talked about here:

But there are far more serious questions; ones that I wonder with pain in my heart, and possibly you do too—questions we ask over and over about our times.

Why doesn’t God do something?

I heard in the Middle East, there are homes where women save one bullet. Women, who are so desperate, that they would shoot themselves, rather than be captured, tortured or become a sex slave. Either way, the enemy is rid of them.

I ask God more questions of heaven—do those martyred saints living in heaven, pray for those suffering on earth?

Do they know what’s going on here?

Do they ask God to end this madness?

Christians ask these questions all the time:

How long until God comes?

How long until God makes all things right?

Is it because we are afraid? As America puts greater pressure on Christians, or becomes overrun with enemies, will we stand? As the lack of morality and injustice seem to grow beyond ourselves we wonder…how long?

What about those who don’t believe? Do they wonder about morality and justice? They charge full speed ahead in careers, education, and science…but blinded in their cause.

Those same people will dedicate their lives to conquer global warming, and peace on earth…they think. Tossing aside the Bible as outdated, irrelevant, or worse.

Do they believe there will be the end of all things?

This morning I walked. The snow is evaporating, and gone were layers of clothes, hat, and gloves. It felt so good! It’s hard to believe after two long months that we have a break in winter.

The air is full of moisture and the snow has that melting hue. It’s sinking, sinking…



Soon crocus and daffodils will brighten the ground. The scent of the Mock Orange bush will draw the bees…

The spring season is on its way. Buds are swelling on the trees and the ground softens. Life will go on and we will ask questions with no answers for now…but we must trust in the One. Just when we think that life is hard, it will get worse.

What does He tell us?

We must gird ourselves for battle, pray with those likeminded for the long journey, encourage the failing, and give grace.


“Why are you in despair, O my soul? And why have you become disturbed within me? Hope in God, for I shall again praise Him for the help of His presence.”

Psalm 42:4 NASB



2 thoughts on “Questions for Heaven…Part 2

  1. danisejurado

    Hi Diane! I am your linky neighbor at Holley’s today! God asks us to be childlike with Him… Children love to ask lots of questions… I know our father loves all your questions! 🙂 Some simple, some painful, some deep… all important to Him! I am so glad that God always understands us and all our questions! Blessings to you!

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