…or How to Meet New People

Last week I mentioned the FLOW international magazine.  My daughter found the latest copy today at B & N, but I did not go and look. Sigh…


It seems like we are always impatiently waiting for something. Let’s see…the back ordered new curtains, the ink that got lost in the mail, the plumber that hasn’t come. Did I say the plumber? Yes, I’ve had a new toilet boxed up in my living room for a month. If he doesn’t come soon to do the jobs, I may throw a tablecloth on it and have a new table.


But back to the magazine…one of my two special issues of FLOW had a small article about This is an international website for crossing post cards back and forth across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean with total strangers.

My first postcard
One I sent


Since my sister collects post cards I knew she would be interested so I called her. She signed up right away. I kept watching her post her lovely cards, funny cards, interesting cards but I kept forgetting about it, or was just too busy to sign up.

Postcard display at Roberson Museum


IMG_3246Finally, months later I bit the bullet and signed up. After sending cards for six months, this week I had my first direct swap. A swap is when you receive a card from someone you would like to give one back to, and possibly learn more about the person or the country they come from. Maybe their card or the words they posted were interesting and you wanted to hear from them again.


Waiting for post cards is fun because the more you send, the more you get, and you never know when they are coming, so you are constantly surprised.

You can find the most interesting cards in the weirdest places. Some people even like vintage cards already written on, stamped and mailed to someone else. You just pop them in an envelope and pass them on. These types of post cards you can find in any shop with antiques or new to you shops.

You can be creative and put stickers on postcards, write in colored pencils, or markers. Last week I got one from Ukraine with a coin taped to the back.


I find that most people from Europe have very neat handwriting.  I wish I could say the same for me. Everyone seems to be proud of their country, hometown, or their ordinary lives. You learn things you never knew about, places you have never been to, or even places you might want to visit someday.







Waiting for post cards is so different than other kinds of waiting.  Aren’t we glad that when God makes us wait, we know it’s for a good reason? He’s not fickle or mean when He makes us wait.  He has a purpose and many times the purpose isn’t dramatic, or we may never see the purpose in waiting.  It’s ok, to wait.  It’s hard not to be impatient, since it is our nature. But we don’t want to be so impatient we get angry.

Keep an eye out for something different. may be just a little encouragement you need in your life.  Postcards can come from all over the world with a message just for you to brighten your day.



2 thoughts on “…or How to Meet New People

  1. isaiah43123

    There is something intriguing about these small cards; such stories they tell. I love looking at my Grandmother’s collection. She died when Dad was a little boy, Yet, I learned a lot about her through those readings.

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