The Signs of the Tree

How is it that we come to live on a round ball named earth with colors of blue sky, green grass, and brown… dirt? We are interconnected with every living thing that rolls along in a smooth pattern day after day. The sun always appears, as do the moon and stars. As daylight appears, most creatures wake and go about the daily task of finding nourishment, and by nightfall, they take rest while others quietly appear.



Seasonal patterns come and go with disruptions of more (or less) snow or flood than the last, but the same pattern rolls on. Why do our hearts warm so, to a new life, when we know eventually, death comes?

… there’s always death.

For a short time it was perfect, and not one of us alive knows that time, but we yearn for it. So the earth slowly continues to die as new life comes.

… once perfect.

The task of living is hard and we groan as we wait. The Promised One came long ago and people came to be healed, to be fed, and to hear his words.

But some found Him a threat, a rebel. He talked of freedom and the easy way to God… and that was unacceptable. That religious bunch would lose control, and they couldn’t have that.

After all the Hosannas and palm branches laid out for a king, they turned on him, betrayed him. He was spit upon and beaten.

Did I ever think deeply on this? They let Barabbas go…the criminal. The one who should have died…like you and me.

He went free…that Barabbas criminal.

Christ died on the tree to save the crumbling earth, from forever death.

Do you see the signs?

First it’s the cycle of life and death, in nature’s patterns, and the spark in man’s heart.

Laminin is the binding mechanism of our DNA. It’s in the shape of the cross and without scientists finding the patterns of our DNA, we would never know this.


We know…yes we know.

We may deny, but we know. It’s the spark in mankind.

“The fool’s heart says there is no God.”

It’s there in the pine tree… a sign. Look at the tops of the pines. Normally, just before our Easter season they are sprouting, but our winter has been long. It should look like this:




All Google images


No signs yet…but I know because my heart remembers.

He was born, he healed, he taught, he fed and then he was bruised for us…

He died…then he rose like he said he would. Just like Scripture said he would.

Look for the signs; open your heart to the calling. All this he did for sinners…yes, sinners like you and me.

That was true love.



“For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing,

but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.”   I Cor. 1:18 NASB



3 thoughts on “The Signs of the Tree

  1. Oh my! Such wonderful images! The DNA shape! I never knew! And this is NO coincidence. The pine tree “blooms”–amazing cross shapes. God speaks to us all the time and shows us Himself everywhere! Thank you for your words, God’s words, and these lovely images!

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