who is like You…or shocked and bewildered and questions for God

Today I can’t see my way out of the terror in the world that is consuming the Middle East. I pray…I cry…but my helplessness is the worst pain.


What can I do beyond prayer?


Not that my prayers are flippant, oh I mean every word for the suffering of mothers and children. The pain, the fear they live with—day after day, month after month, I can’t imagine.

While I wonder about what is beyond my prayers, I have to remember that I am such a small creature before a mighty God. I haven’t a clue what the big plan is. What can I do? Who am I to question the waiting?


He is in total control.

He will always do what is right.


Oh yes, He is watching with full attention. While some pretend nothing is amiss in the world, others fear and take survival mode. People talk of deceitful politicians, greed of the wealthy, the poor getting poorer, daily violence…and while we are either shocked or sick of it, and wondering why this world is suddenly so crazy out of control–make no mistake—God knows. He saw it coming long before time began.

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Nothing is beyond his grasp.


One day He will decide it is enough. One day when he has called his beloved to him, he will end this evil on the earth, and those who cry to him, those who suffer will suffer no more.  All–every one of us on earth will bow before Him.  Oh yes, some will hate it, but they will bow. One day…but not one of us knows that day.


Watch, and be ever mindful.


This flesh and blood that we are made of is but a vapor, a fading flower, and a piece of grass. Oh, you can have your hopes for tomorrow, but there is no counting on tomorrow, it may never come.

  Gardens 2011 007

There is a country album called Glory Revealed: The Word of God in Worship.

I just want to share the words of one song this morning as I walked and brought those women and children before him. What do I need that is so pressing, that I might pray for myself above the needs of those in crisis?


Pray with me.


Who Is Like You?


The Lord is my strength and my song

He has become my salvation

He is my God and I will praise Him

I will lift Him up.


Who is like You, majestic in holiness

Awesome in glory, working wonders

Who is like You, majestic in holiness

Awesome in glory, working wonders

In Your unfailing love

You will lead the people that You redeem

And in Your strength, You will guide them

To Your holy place.


Who among the gods is like You?

Who among the heavens?

Lyrics by Tim Neufeld


4 thoughts on “who is like You…or shocked and bewildered and questions for God

  1. I share your heart, Diane! Let us never, ever forget that we pray with the sword of the Spirit, God’s Word, the Word of the Holy and True–the Faithful One. Our God is “the God who sees” and He is the Deliverer of all who hope in Him. Oh, the world is growing darker. And many, many are being converted to everlasting life in Christ DAILY! You are right! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess, like it or not, that Jesus Christ is LORD. One day! Come, Lord Jesus! Thank you for your tender heart and your faithful prayers for the suffering, Diane.

    1. It is never far from my mind–those suffering. Leslie was actually the person who started me on the road to serious prayer at I Commit to Pray, part of Voice of the Martyr. It’s so good to know the rest of the story! Thanks Heather.

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