Rest and Refresh …and the Character of God

I just came back from a rare ten-day vacation with my husband. Not one child, grandchild or even a dog came with us. No Wi-fi or cable…just books at a quiet lake. The reason I tell this is that some of us can’t relax for one day, never mind for ten.


Granted, my husband had in mind to paint the window trim on the cabin. There was also that visit with an elderly lady we  hadn’t seen in many years.

One day we went underground to Howe Caverns and wondered why anyone would want to get married down there, it’s dark and damp. But to each his own idea about weddings.


We met some Amish and ate their butter and sugar corn, and homemade wheat bread. We checked out their cedar built sheds for sale.

Everyday we walked around the lake and only once was there a spot of rain. Summer was fading, I’ve felt it for two weeks now.  Yellow leaves fall slowly to the ground as if they are sorry. The green of everything has lost it’s luster here and it is very dry.

Sadly even the birds are quiet.

The hummingbirds will be leaving here soon, but possibly they will linger since our weather has been uncommonly hot.

I hear the NYS winter weather prediction is worse than our last, and that I should have winter tires on, not all season tires. They just won’t be enough.

Can I take comfort? Yes!

I like to keep a sharp eye out for the changes around me.

I can search all over the scriptures and find the character of God. I could talk about the names of God all day and never exhaust them, but one thing that keeps coming back to me is Alpha and Omega.

He is the beginning and the end. He’s always been, and always will be.

He chose His time to create this earth I love to watch. Through all that happened with the beginning of  sin, he still loved.  His son became the true sacrifice for all of us–past and present. He wants love returned, and to love others. This is real sacrifice –putting others ahead of our own needs.

Millions of refugees are fleeing their homelands with nothing but clothes on their backs.  And where will they go?  Will the nations of Europe help? Will our country help? Will the governments of the world let Iran succeed with nuclear weapons? Will ISIS continue unopposed?

These events don’t sound like much rest to me, they feel more like stress and worry.

Dramatic events are told in the book of Revelation. When you read chapter six, you see plenty of scary action going on. We are told to watch and wait…watch. It never says make predictions, but be ready for the day.

How can we rest?

The Bible is looked upon, by many today as an ancient book that is not relevant for our times. What will some people do when Christ comes to earth and wipes out the wicked with the breath of his word? Those who have been martyred will be avenged, and the Bride of Christ will share eternal life with Him.

Who are we to think we have our own lives in control? Many of us wonder how we can stop government out of control. We can’t stop the tide…we can pray.  Don’t prayer lightly…it is our weapon against evil in this world.

The Comforter (Holy Spirit) was given to us by Christ to be the balm in this troubled world. Let us cloak ourselves in Him. Let us feel the comfort of His wings.

“May your unfailing love be my comfort, according to your promise to your servant.”

                                    Psalm 119:76

Be encouraged! He has overcome the world.


4 thoughts on “Rest and Refresh …and the Character of God

  1. Simply lovely, Diane! Your “voice” is so soothing to read. Your photography–the one of the boat by the pier–oh my! Stunning! you should enter that in a photo contest! Or at least send it to me so I can make a print for you to sign when you come here! I love your “sharp” eyes that see the beauty of God all around. Thank you for keeping us grounded in God’s word and his promise to never leave or forsake those who are saved by the blood of Christ.

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