Searching DNA and What Does it Have to do with Thanksgiving?

When you start tracing your family tree, some very interesting stories may pop up in your family that you never knew about. For instance, I have a cousin named Polly, whose real name is not Polly, but Elaine. Even though she is a first cousin, I never knew about this until I was 35. Along the way I found a few deep dark secrets that were hidden clear “across the pond” and seemingly lost to the following generations—but facts don’t lie.


Why do I do this, you might ask. First of all, I have always loved history; and yet personal stories mean the most. When you search and take the time period into consideration, you can better understand the why about people.


Recently I took a DNA test with Long ago I hit a brick wall on my 2x great-grandfather. New York census records all claim he was born in Pennsylvania, but finding him there was another story. In fact, I couldn’t find him anywhere in the USA. I thought the DNA test might be the answer to finding him.



Now that I have my results back, I am linked to many family trees and will spend time checking each tree of possibilities. Even though this grandfather I am searching is German, I was also surprised to find that my Scandinavian percentage was only 9%. I watched a video on the DNA testing and found that a sister or brother of mine could have very different percentages than I have. Our parents gave us DNA, but each one of us is truly a unique being. It’s strange to think about this since we look so much alike, but it’s true.

It does my soul good to I see masses of twinkling stars on a clear winter’s night. Those ancient lights that lead our hearts to God go on forever in the universe. Just as the make up of our DNA courses through our bodies, we are many varied souls on earth.


God loves great variety. A playful God left nothing to chance– all was an eternal plan. The God who thrives on creative thought, creative action, created the complex human to return His love, to reflect His Glory.


And as man tries to abort, divide, recalculate us in a petri dish, and murder one another…humankind will live on, because God wills it.

While mankind still thinks he is in charge of his own life, we see another picture in the Word of God. There will always be some who will fight to the end of life, demanding life on their own terms and dismissing God altogether as a myth, ancient, or a crutch for some.

Still, they can’t dispute the DNA coursing through their body. How can they possibly believe that their lungs just breathe automatically when they are asleep? And that without thinking, red blood cells are made new every four months, and new skin every 2-4 weeks.

We can stare into the universe and think how incredible, and yet forget totally about how unique our DNA is in our very own bodies.

Whether you have a traditional thanksgiving dinner tomorrow, and thank the God who made you, or go hunting, have a pizza, watch football, or sleep in, remember there is the One and Only God who set things all in place. Give him a moment of your time and think about the wonder of life…

And thank God.


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