Affairs of the Heart

Spoiler alert!

If you have never seen the movie Seven Pounds with Will Smith and you may want to see it someday, I’m giving fair warning—it’s a tear-jerker.

The story revolves around a wealthy engineer who causes a tragic car accident. In an instant, seven lives are lost, including his fiancé. He is the only survivor.

Smith won’t talk about it, and he won’t think about it. He can’t live with himself so he spends the rest of his life trying to punish himself for his sin. He prepares an elaborate plan to help seven people before he dies. Eventually it takes his life, and he knows this.

Last night I woke thinking about his sad situation. Am I not like him? Don’t I find myself struggling in my life to be worthy of living? Are you like me, and work at being good, forgetting that it makes no difference to God? Don’t you get tired of trying and failing?

He loves no matter what.

2016 is upon us, and though I don’t make resolutions, I make a new list of goals for the year. Last year I did well on my goal list, but the most important goal I did not accomplish. It was the biggest goal and the hardest goal. I looked at the list and was mostly pleased I kept “on task”, but the major goal sat like a lead balloon. I was deflated, defeated, even though the rest of my list was met.

Did I think my whole year was a waste because of that?

Should I bother with a goal list?

Even as I write this I wonder about this years blog subjects. Yesterday my yearly “stats” from Word Press showed up in my email. I have “staying power”, but I wonder if it is worth it. My life is so small that I think I may dry up, and have nothing to say.

Am I making the best use of my time?

Things that are truth about our works are:

  • We can never do enough good works to please God.
  • We can’t work our way to heaven.
  • God made a plan because of these facts.
The Father’s love can be found anywhere.

It’s really very simple: Adam and Eve failed in the garden and God made a temporary substitute—animal sacrifice. Since that whole ritual was outlined in detail in the Old Testament, we look at it and wonder–how could they (we) keep all those laws?

Christ left his deity behind, and became a man with all its vulnerability. He changed that hard-to-do law into freedom. Christ brought grace and new life. No longer would we work endlessly to hope to attain God’s pleasure, but we would receive it freely. At that moment we are made new, whole, and free from law!


Will Smith was tortured by what he did. He couldn’t live with this, so Smith spent the rest of his life finding the people most worthy of helping. He was single-minded in his search. Smith gave his physical life to save others, just as Christ did. But sadly, the character Will Smith played didn’t think he was worthy of living.

I have included hearts in nature on my blog in the past. I find them everywhere. It reminds me that no matter what the circumstance, God loves me. He loves all of us. He always loves us. Even when we sin, he still loves us.


“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” 2 Cor. 5:17 NIV




















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