If All Else Fails…Just Read!

The weather changed in the night, after a sunny near 50 F day. Wind blew down the chimney and rattled me. I was sleepless. Rain came lightly all night, but I was restless.

I woke to rain–no walk outdoors today. I had already changed plans about shopping. I had readjusted to my new plans—finish the sewing project.

Dressed…putting on sneakers…just ready for treadmill…furnace just turned on…

lights went out.

Incredible timing!

I thought about how badly I wanted to wash my hair. Growing out a hairstyle takes finesse.

No second coffee…sigh.

Ah! But I have a fully charged computer.

All of my day’s plans went awry…even my adjusted plans.

After lunch the lights came on. I started on that sewing project and hit one snag after another. Nothing was going right. The wind picks up again and I heard—snap! I looked out the window at the hill across the road. Wires pop back up from being hit.

Electric is out again!

I climb into my rubber boots and hurry outside to be sure wires are not on fire. My neighbor is there and points it out to me, and he calls the fire department.

While we talk we hear more pops and snaps out back by the Susquehanna. He decides to go check it out. I decide to quit sewing, even if the electric comes back on.

They say an ill wind blows no man any good.

So what have I accomplished today?

Not one thing.

The sewing may have to wait until next week, but reading a book can happen anytime!


I have a pile of books, some kindle books, and a book list for future reading.



Reading at the moment:

  • Acceptable Words, Prayers for the Writer (a pick up and put down book)
  • Hooked! (True stories of Alaskan fishing and some stories are nail biter)!

The first three books I have read this year:


Possible books to read on my Goodreads App:









Some of these book selections are older books, in fact I still have a goal of reading Gone with the Wind again. That is, if I ever run out of new books to read!

Some of my Grands are voracious readers, and one picked up the 50 books a year challenge.

She never knew I took the picture! This happens a lot in our family.
You can read anywhere!

I’ve shared a few super-fantastic libraries around the world because you never get tired of being in an awesome setting like this!



Well, this one’s not really my taste.


Or a cozy like this in your own home.

When I was a teenager, we had a cool tree in the woods with a perfect branch to sit on and read a book.  I sat there often with the horses grazing nearby.

I hope you have a book list and enjoy the wonders of the written word. I hope you have a favorite place to read with a cup of tea or coffee and a wonderful book.

There are so many places you can go!

Happy reading!



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