One Little Dirty Shoe

Our family room in the basement has been a mess recently. We had a TV cabinet, but no TV, a couch no one was sitting in, and boxes and stuff all over.

We were getting ready for a yard sale.

Tyler and Emily-254

With the wedding over, and still no job in sight, we thought to lighten our house and hoping to move sometime in the future to a smaller one-floor house. The question still on our minds is where?

The yard sale was a fairly good success; and along with Craig’s list we are finding a lighter house!

Today I vacuumed the carpet and found a Polly Pocket shoe too late. Up it went into the dirt-filled canister. I thought of S____ who still wants to buy a whole bin full of mini Polly Pocket houses, and mini people.


Later as I sat on the porch, sifting through the dirt and dust, coughing and sneezing, I found it hard to find this one little bright-colored shoe.


How could it be so hard to see it in a small pile of gray dirt? How could it conceal itself? I found the shoe looking mostly gray like the dirt. Its bright colors were covered in gray.

I think of how often we fall into the trap of seeing things the same as everyone else. We dip into accepting a lifestyle, a lie, a dirty movie, an affair, or dishonesty in doing business, even though we had not approved of it in the past. People once with sound moral convictions have swept them away as they try to “fit in” to our modern times. Instead of speaking up, we are silent.

All seems not to be black and white, but gray.


Google image


When the family unit falls apart, so goes the country.

When all morals have failed, so goes the country.

Inch by inch over decades, the godless have fought hard against God until God lovers are considered to be the wrong ones, the ignorant people, the out-of-touch with the world Jesus freaks. And we have often been quiet until we are nearly silenced…

We are not so far removed from the years when most mothers stayed at home, and husbands needed only one decent job to support his family. Mother was looked upon as the stabilizer of the home. Always there in case a child was sick at school, needed a ride to Scouts, or being herself—another mom watching out for the neighborhood children.


Google image

The family ate meals together, all the time. Families went on vacation together. There was less structured play; instead it was bikes, roller skates, swings and jump ropes. We used our imaginations making up our dream stories outdoors.

You might think I am about to say—those were the good ole days. But in fact, these are the days we are meant to be a part of. I lived those days, and now these days are mine as well as yours. We were born for these days. Hard times seem harder. Nothing seems black and white anywhere. What is right for one is not right for another. Individuals are making up their own “religions”, when instead they should be seeking God, not their own selfish pleasures.

At this very moment–one political party is going against the majority of the American people’s wishes and want abortion on demand at any stage of development. (And wants us to pay for it).

(I’ll give you a clue it starts with D).

I’m tired of political correctness, tired of people making bad decisions, for their own pleasures, but someone else’s grief. I’m tired of a self-serving government.

We have lost sight of who God is!

How can you love when you push away the Lover of Your Soul? How can you trust one another to be truthful when the Truth-Giver is not present in your soul?

How can you commit to a lifetime of loving one person, when the Committed One who gave His life for all of us, does not live in you?

Some of us are the bright-colored lost shoe in a pile of dirt. If we don’t light the way, who will? If we compromise our integrity, accept all that is acceptable in this country without a word, we will be silenced forever and the world will be lost.

I don’t pretend to know all the right answers, but this one thing I know…

The One True God lives, and out of his great love he sent his Son to die for our sin-selfishness. It is an old story, but it is History and the story of mankind. We are all in this story together.

You may think me a fool, narrow-minded, or a Jesus freak. I’m not arrogant when I say I know I am right.

None of this will change because others tell us differently. Stand for what you believe.

We were made in God’s image. We are His glory. Ultimately to look upon his face will be far more a pleasure than this world could ever be.



6 thoughts on “One Little Dirty Shoe

  1. Julie

    Wow! Earlier today Sylvia and I discussed again how important it is for the body to exhort each other as the world around us gets darker and darker. Great post Diane!

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