New Perspectives

On December 26th, the Umpire and I headed, by car, on our first winter vacation…ever. It is one thing to fly to a far away place, and another to enjoy the ride, which at any point may become tediously long. Then again, if you have never been that way before, you have the luxury of seeing new lands for the first time.

If you have family members (that still love you!) you may call ahead and ask if they’d like to keep you overnight on the way to your destination. I have never been, ‘on my way to Texas’ before and had never been past Ohio going south. Even though we could have traveled further the first day, we wanted to spend a lengthy afternoon and overnight with family. Loved those homemade meatballs and family love!

Our first stop was Cuyahoga Valley National Park where we took a 1.5 mile hike to ‘get the day started’.



We barely hit the Kentucky line when we stopped for a long afternoon and evening at the Creation Museum in Petersburg. There we picked up 2 tickets for the museum and the Ark Encounter for the next day.

Already familiar with Ken Ham and Answers in Genesis, we saw comparisons between the world/human view of the earth and the Biblical/historical view.

Before I post a few pictures, I am happy to say we were very impressed with the professionalism in which this museum was designed. Everything was top-notch, from facts to floor plans, from animal sculptures, to human sculptures, (even the movable ones). It gives me a sense of pride that some believers use their God given abilities to present to the world a museum well worth seeing.

We enjoyed a Christmas concert in the evening with three sisters,who sang and  played various instruments. As we left in the dark, we walked the well-groomed yards with trees full of Christmas lights.








This guy was moving!





Check out the website here:

We took a bus from the Ark center the next morning. We could see the Ark on the top of the hill from there. It was an impressive sight!

See the website here: Ark encounter.

If you’ve ever read Genesis, you know that God gave Noah the EXACT measurements for the building of the ark. At the ark you may watch a fast forward video on the building of the model ark, but I found it more educational to go through the ark, floor by floor and skip the actual building video. Once again we were impressed and spent several hours viewing the animal cages, clay bottles and troughs for watering the animals. The storage areas for food, tools, seed, hay, were placed along the walls in open cupboards. Artistic license was used on the family living quarters. The enormity of the ark certainly left an image in my mind.


See the people in the background close to the ark.

Small cages with clay water jugs




Mural of universal flood

Family area

The dove comes back to Noah with an olive branch.
Later we headed south on Rt. 31 through the rolling hills, horse farms, and creeks, when we came upon an old cabin. The site was at Knob Creek; the homestead where Abraham Lincoln grew up.




Shortly on down the road was the National Parks Service memorial site at Sinking Springs; Lincoln’s birthplace.


Horses and more horses!
Kentucky is full of rolling hills, horses, and beef cows. We enjoyed the country drive when we arrived at our next destination— more family! We spent another easy evening catching up with relatives, enjoying the ability to grill steaks outdoors in December. There we set up a tour for the Mammoth Caves for the next day.


Stay tuned for more…












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