Remember the Alamo!

Today I see snow falling out of my window as I write more about Texas. We are home, and as we sift through our month of mail and read last year’s late Christmas cards we feel as if we have fallen into the Matrix. First of all, I am not warm yet! But I’ve always enjoyed the snow. Shoveling—not so much anymore.

Our daughter came along with us the day we went to San Antonio. We headed to The Pearl, near the upper end of the River Walk. The 15 miles of River Walk are part of the San Antonio watershed. The San Antonio River flows 240 miles through 5 counties and converges with the Guadalupe River before it flows into San Antonio Bay on the Gulf of Mexico.

First—we went to Local Coffee for lattes. Merit coffee is …mmm…and the atmosphere!


Some of the shops around the Pearl are high-end, but it was worth taking a look. The Tiny Finch, Bakery Lorraine, Ten Thousand Villages, and The Twig Book Shop are some shops we stepped inside. Of course, the bakery had cinnamon rolls, which the Umpire couldn’t seem to resist.

Culinary Institute of America


This building once was the stable for Hotel Emma.




Hotel Emma






Walk through areas in the hotel.


River Walk photos:













The Alamo







The Umpire and me.






At the Alamo there are rules of reverence:

Please remove hats inside Church, no photography in the buildings, do not touch the walls or lean on display cases, no obscene or offensive clothing, and a few others I didn’t mention.

On the grounds is a courtyard with historical artifacts and a short movie on the events leading to the fight at the Alamo and what happened afterward.

On Feb. 23, 1836, General Antonio Lopez Santa Anna and his army arrived in front of the Alamo. In the Alamo there were nearly 200 volunteers by the time they were eight days into the siege, but Santa Anna’s army was too great. The final assault came before daybreak on March 6, 1836, thirteen days into the siege.

Exactly what happened at the Alamo is still debated, but there is no doubt what this battle has come to symbolize for people all over the world. We remember the Alamo as a heroic struggle against overwhelming odds. This is where men laid down their lives for freedom.



Next up is Fredericksburg and the Enchanted Rock…





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