When the Fog Sinks In and Chills

There are days when fog never lifts,

When dreams turn to ash

And relationships twist into ugly shapes.


You hoped for so much!

Your dreams were larger than life,

Hope fell flat and you are shocked at time gone by…

Looking back…wanting a life do-over.

Trouble is you forgot Who it is that plans life

And though you did your best,

Things…life…got out of control.

Your life, your influence…over others.

Then you step back and remember…

Your life and its destiny are not up to you.

That you can’t change what is past,

Or make others change.

Tell yourself—it’s not up to you to police the world,

To stress when some are up to no good.


The God of the Universe will bring us all to our knees

…if we have not gone there yet.

Take heart! Be brave and courageous,

But don’t play God; don’t try to make people mind.

Pray, praise, have joy, live life and still love large.






4 thoughts on “When the Fog Sinks In and Chills

  1. Patty Brake

    Dear Diane,
    I just love this! It’s so important and necessary that we remind ourselves now and again of these truths you shared. I’m SO glad that our Sovereign God IS in control and the end has already been determined by Him! Oh, and, as we already know, HE wins!! When my and girls and I knew that my husband’s desire was to go on hospice right near the end of his life, it was very hard to sign the DNR order! Later, as my mind replayed everything, I second guessed my decision. A dear friend reminded me that even if I hadn’t signed that DNR paper, God had Don’s days numbered and he would only go home to heaven when God chose to take him. That was such a comfort to me! Now I find that I need a revival in my life so I can be in the place where God wants me (at His feet as you mentioned) and live the rest of my days here on earth for His glory and His purpose for me!

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