Why Do We Call Them Comedians?

I grew up with comedians such as Jackie Gleason, Jonathan Winters, Don Rickles, and others. I knew two things: They hated their mother-in-laws for all the same reasons, and they made fun of their wives. And me being of the female kind didn’t appreciate their humor. Then there’s Joan Rivers…

Little has changed with comedians in the years since. It seems comedians now spout political hate and dissention. Instead of the art of laughter to enrich a person, lighten a load, they are now spewing their own crass political feelings, because they have the right.

When does this right cross the line of decency? Seeing the beheaded President Trump made me wonder if she forfeited her American rights and had become a brainwashed ISIS follower.

Google image

This is not my usual self, steaming over opinions and politics, but can this apology be real? Americans are showing their true feeling about Kathy Griffin’s stunt, she has pushed the line, and now she cries that President Trump is bullying her? Now she needs to lawyer up?

Who is calling the kettle black? Who is the bully?

When will we see kindness and consideration come back to this nation, for every individual…no matter what he believes?

Just because this man may not be the president of your choice, instead of putting him down, take part in helping make the nation great. We must continue to uphold those in authority with respect, no matter what.

We have lost the belief in sanctity of life—all human life. Though we are more educated about political correctness, we continue to miss the mark. It starts with love, kindness and consideration of others above our own selves.

There must be respect for every color, every ethnic voice, every child (starting with the unborn), the elderly, and each and every faith.

Where is the sensitivity training for comedians? Let all comedians go as part of their education before they shame themselves in public.






2 thoughts on “Why Do We Call Them Comedians?

  1. This post is so true. Where is the kindness and compassion? Political cartoons and jokes have been around a long time, but they can easily turn into a bully. Political correctness classes for comedians? Good idea. I like how you said, laughter used to lighten a load and enrich a person. I am all for bringing that back.

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