Sunday Afternoon in Landa Park

We drove four days to Texas this year, stopping only to visit family. The last two days were bright blue skies, and warm. I had forgotten how intense the sun is here. It feels so good!

Since then we have had a day of rain, and cloudy days. You bet I’m waiting for sun to return.

We are staying less than a mile from Landa Park in New Braunfels. Though there is no sunshine today, it has warmed up from yesterday’s chilling rain.

On our last walk we found some friendly fox squirrels which seemed be looking for a handout. Sherm thought it was his duty to give up some of his unsalted peanuts to the little guys.

Fox squirrel
Eating out of his hand.

In the park is an enormous Texas live oak tree, which is called the Pioneer Tree. When traveling in covered wagons, the folks in the lead would bend the branches down to the ground to point the way of the trail. Now the branches are so heavy, they built supports to keep branches from breaking off.

Pioneer Tree–Texas live oak
The massive trunk.


Statue to the German pioneers who settled New Braunfels.

The Comal River runs through the park and we saw black vultures in the trees, Muscovy, the Egyptian Goose that makes a whistling noise, and double crested cormorants. All these birds live and feed in the same area, and don’t put up too much fuss when squirrels come around.

Comal River
Egyptian Goose

Black vultures.
Double breasted Cormorant

The park is peaceful, and well kept. In the summer a small train runs around the edge of the park. There’s a playground for ages 3-5. It has a rubberized surface for the toddlers to run and play on.

Making our way back around the loop, we found several white-tailed deer grazing by a large oak tree.

The park has a great sidewalk throughout making it easy to bring a stroller, or a wheelchair. Only a few people were at the park on this Texas winter day, but I could imagine on a summer day it could be quite crowded

If you are a dog lover, they are also welcomed.

Check out this lovely park if you are in the area.


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