Magnolia Market: A Man’s Perspective

I’m skipping ahead on our travel blogs to include Friday’s trip, written by a guest –the Umpire, my husband. Here we go! (Here’s hoping this doesn’t put me out of business…)


I consider the Writer to be a very accomplished photographer. As a matter of fact, her blog is usually photo related. She has “the eye” for what makes a good picture – especially in nature. Don’t you agree? Me, I like to take pictures of her taking pictures. A lot of the time, she’s so engrossed in her subject; she doesn’t even realize that I’m taking her picture.

The writer

We recently visited a place that has become a sort of Mecca for HGTV fans: Magnolia Market. This unique place, located in downtown Waco, Texas, has become “the” place to go for home furnishings since Chip and Joanna Gaines cable program “Fixer Upper” has risen in popularity. We went with our daughter and grandson who have recently moved to Texas. After we arrived, we all quickly came to the conclusion that it was time for me to guest write a blog for this really special location.

Reasons? First, I’ve wanted to show all of you that I’m much more than “the Umpire.” I know my way around a mall. I’m not talking about “getting in touch with my feminine side,” whatever that might mean. I’m just saying that I know the difference between a jar and a vase (about $40).

Second: Chip and Joanna have shown that a husband and wife team can figure out how to work together; so, at least this once, “we” could do it.

Third: the Writer is busily working during our vacation to get some other writing projects done and I volunteered to stand in.

So…Magnolia Market from the Umpire’s perspective.

First impressions? Parking is in a small gravel parking lot (free). Other locations nearby (church parking lots) charge. The gravel lot goes with the rustic, old factory setting.

Why does everyone get so dressed up to go shopping for picture frames? One lady had on cowboy boots (it’s Texas, OK, I get that). They looked like the kind Dorothy might pick up in Texas on her way back to Kansas from Oz. Ruby cowboy boots. Only in Texas. To a guy who thinks dressed-up means socks that match, I definitely felt a little shabby. Then I saw a couple of girls wearing jeans that were all ripped up and I felt better – until my daughter told me that they wear them that way on purpose and that they’re really expensive. Who knew?

Favorite part? It’s a tie between the food court and the Silos Baking Co. (My choices should come as a surprise to no one.) Outside around a large, turf-covered play area there are several food vendors: “Second Best BBQ in Waco (First isn’t here!)”, hot dogs, gourmet popcorn, pizza, crepes and more. This is a very family friendly area with restrooms (baby changing area is available only in the ladies room), balls and corn hole game for the kids and lots of space.

The Silos Baking Co. is in a separate (small) building. The line was long, but moved quickly. They have a very efficient and super-friendly crew. As a matter of fact, every employee on site was extremely friendly. They didn’t seem hurried and talked to us as if we were long-time friends. The cupcakes in the Silos are beautiful and tasty, but my favorite was the cinnamon rolls. They have gluten-free offerings that my daughter said were excellent.

What about the “stuff”? Yes Fixer Upper fans, Magnolia Market has stuff – picture frames, kitchen gadgets, coffee mugs, linens, cookbooks, knick knacks and knack knicks galore. They have hats and tee shirts. They have mirrors and buckets. If it hangs on a wall or decorates a kitchen, they have it. I was interested to see where the items they sold were made and noted that they come from all over the world: China, Pakistan, India, South America and especially the U.S.

Lasting impressions? Not the place to go on a date. She and her friends should go. Family outing? Sure and there are several other places nearby (Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum, Dr. Pepper Museum and Free Enterprise Institute, Waco Suspension Bridge, Gulf Historic Gas Station, and several parks). You and the Missus? Absolutely. It earns you all kinds of sensitivity points and the food is great.


I give the place four and a half silos. 





9 thoughts on “Magnolia Market: A Man’s Perspective

  1. Patty (Riley) Brake

    Sherm, you did a good job! Maybe Diane will let you be her guest writer again sometime. I would like to come to Waco someday. I really enjoy the “Fixer Upper” show. Chip and Joanna are so much fun to watch and seem to have their priorities straight. It’s wonderful to see a Christian couple shining God’s glory with joyful hearts!


  2. Jan VanKooten

    Enjoyed hearing Sherm’s voice, Diane, especially in his invented silo-rating system. Appreciate you inviting us on your shared adventures ….

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