Captain Visger House

After our hot and humid morning at Sackets Harbor, we were on the road again to the small town of Alexandria Bay.  I love small towns, and was impressed by the tender care of the old homes.  It is a welcoming town with many eateries lining the streets, as well as tourist and local artisan shops.

The real treat was Captain Visger B & B we found on the end of Church St. This old Victorian house sat on the corner and walking distance from the viewing park of the St. Lawrence River.

The owner “Sam” has an amazing array of antiques in the dining area. Also provided are old books and leaflets for reading local history. Sam is a very friendly face and loves to talk about food. In fact, she’s passionate about it!

We stayed in the Ella Room on the main floor. A beautifully furnished “bird room” which you can see on the website:


Just off the dining area is a small bar where you can enjoy drinks during the day or while waiting for dinner. If you happen to be coming and going during the day, you may smell some fantastic aromas coming from the kitchen.

Sam cooks homemade, local, organic scrumptious foods. Breakfast is so filling you can save half for your lunch. I didn’t think to take a photo of my yogurt and berries, I was too overcome with the taste! But here is my frittata and muffin.

Tuesday night we ate dinner on the patio. I ate fresh perch, lightly dipped in cornmeal and fried, along with zoodles, (zucchini noodles).

Dinner is not served every night, but if you plan to come, Sam would love for you to make a reservation ahead to make dining more enjoyable.

Alexandria Bay has so many opportunities for views of Boldt Castle and tours are just down the road from Capt. Visger’s House.

It’s amazing that we lived on Lake Ontario for ten years and never took time to head up around the lake. Even from where we live now it was only a 3-hour drive. I hope we can make it again, and definitely would stay here again—the food is out of this world!





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