In the month of October I will be linking up with other writers on Five Minute Friday for thirty-one days. Each day I will write about one word for five minutes. Here goes…


This past spring came late and cold. I had the winter blues, was a winter hibernator, was an emotional eater, and post menopausal. That adds up to sluggish and flabby.

I did something radical (for me); I joined a gym and started working out two times a week.

I am far from athletic. I was always chosen last in gym class for the softball team. I have a family full of athletes, but I only watch. The most athletic thing I ever did was ride horses and hike.

Going to the gym brought something else I had not expected: a sense of belonging.

I met new people with the same goals. We work hard and sweat. We cheer each other on with high-fives.  We workout to crazy music.

I’ve bonded with like-minded people.

This is something like the church. We share the same goals—to be one with Christ. We meet together to grow and encourage one another. This is the body of Christ—we belong together.

 “Now may the God who gives perseverance and encouragement grant you to be of the same mind with one another according to Christ Jesus,” Romans 15:5.


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