In the month of October I will be linking up with other writers on Five Minute Friday for thirty-one days. Each day I will write about one word for five minutes. Here goes…

We planned hiking in Ithaca today…if it didn’t rain. First we headed up to Taughannock falls, which drops 215 feet to a pool of water and sprays out into a large area. 

I thought of the word comfort all day, and came up with these thoughts:

I take great comfort in the outdoors. The woods are damp and green, peppered with mushrooms. The bedrock drips with all the water, which has soaked the ground. The rocks are wet, paths are wet, and the falls are flowing freely.

I feel as if I’m in a tropical climate.

Every now and then I have to stop and listen to the falls… and catch my breath from walking up step after step at Buttermilk Falls.

We had gone for lunch in between at Ithaca Bakery, and soon found that the Friends of the Library sale was right around the block. We only stayed a short time. Can you imagine…with all those books?

(If you read an earlier blog you would remember that I had too many books for a shelf too small). Since that blog page, my newly remodeled bookshelf has arrived and is in my home.

Although I take great comfort in the outdoors, I also love the smell of homemade bread baking and a bowl of fresh popcorn. Still, nothing compares to the comfort from the Comforter.

Emotional eating only takes us so far. The Comforter holds us whenever we need him. He is always with us and loves to hear our prayers.

My thanks today for a day in the woods, on the trail, and listening to the flow of the water. And then there were the birds…



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