In the month of October I will be linking up with other writers on Five Minute Friday for thirty-one days. Each day I will write about one word for five minutes. Here goes…

Before I started this one word everyday, I was in Alaska with author Leslie Leyland Fields who taught us “Your Story for God’s Glory.” We all have a story to tell, but how will we tell our story?

By October I was still wondering if my story and my small voice should be heard. Should I accept the fact that millions of us will live a mostly normal life, die and be forgotten? I am part of the unremarkable, unnoticed, people in the world. I dare say, we make up the highest percentage! Is that bad? I don’t think so, not when I read that God makes us strong in our weakness.

In the blog world millions of people are striving to have a voice. In this context does one more voice accomplish anything?

Are we shedding our negative thoughts off into cyber space to find some kind of peace? Or are we purposeful; writing to share the knowledge of peace from the only one who gives true peace, Christ himself.

As this month comes to a close, strangely many leaves are still green on our trees. This is not normal here in the North, but I have discovered, change is what’s normal.

Am I getting closer to understanding my story, or do I have more than one story to share? This month has taught me to think purposefully. I’ve developed another level of discipline. I do not surge on with a rapid pace, that’s not me. Slowly and surely I will accomplish what God has for me.

What is your story and how will it make a difference in your life? Will you direct your thoughts to the Creator for the answers?


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