Yesterday was Five Minute Friday and I am here to share thoughts on Saturday…

While the Umpire and I are spending time in Texas, my sister flew to San Antonio to spend a week with us. Yesterday our plan was to climb the Enchanted Rock near Fredericksburg, but the night before proved to be quite cold and windy.

This may look like stillness, but it’s sport mode on my camera.

We checked the website the next day, determined to spend time in Fredericksburg if the State Park was closed, but found we were in luck. We layered up with clothes, and on arrival we put on the last layer and added knit hats and gloves.

Using our brand new (Merry Christmas to us), hiking poles, we were glad for the support as the winds were nearly 45 mph. At the top was incredible! Even my husband’s jeans were whipping in the wind as if they were thin wind-pants. It was exhilarating, but in the end we had to climb down the rock.

Often the Christmas season leaves rushed, exhausted and our minds a blur. This is not meant to be. To find the stillness we must be still. To focus on the Christ child in the manger, we must turn aside to be still.

We are reading The Wonder of the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp. Each day you decorate the tree with the story of Christ’s birth. This is our stillness, our focus as a family, even though we are empty nesters, it is part of my focus on stillness.

Are you like me? Struggling to find stillness in a busy world? Stop struggling and just be. Five minutes with God is sometimes far more productive than working hard to plan life.

So I am a day late writing this because yesterday was a glory chasing day on top of a mountain of rock. Find your still time with God.




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