The word for this Friday is Build, and I’m linking today with Five Minute Friday.

From the time my 15-year-old father built a milk house attached to the front of the huge red barn, he knew he wanted to build things up and not tear them down. He wasn’t meant to be a farmer, but those farm skills he carried forever, and never stopped planting until the end of his life.

My Dad

As a wife and mother, I built up love, a comfortable home (no matter where we were), and built in my children the sense of a job well done. We invited missionaries for dinner, church members, and extended family, to build up lives. We wanted to show how to build up the faith, without preaching at them, and letting them see it was a natural part of our lives.

Building up starts with love given to the lives of others. One life at a time we build friendships that never fade, always coming alongside one another when the road is rough.

We may never realize how we have affected another person’s life, but we aren’t doing it for points or stars. We are building up because the love of God compels us.

Be a builder in the lives of others, be positive when life throws tomatoes. And thank God for the grace that comes in hard times.


8 thoughts on “Build

  1. Julie Shrauger

    I opened Facebook and saw Dad first thing! I love this blog because there is so much truth here. Thanks for building me up Diane!

  2. It’s so true that the little words of encouragement or acts of love that build others up can have more of an impact than we often realise! Your FMF neighbour at #32.

  3. Lovely post, lovely tribute.

    My thoughts…

    In youth destruction was my job,
    C4 and Semtex my best friends.
    I was rather a demo snob,
    a means to various violent ends.
    There’s nothing wrong with wrecking stuff
    if it needs to go,
    but now, I’ve really had enough
    and there’s something that I owe.
    It’s in my care to now preserve
    small portions of the past
    that lived this far, and so deserve
    a legacy that will last.
    For history’s hopes we should care
    for time will surely take US there.

    #2 at FMF this week.

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