Today I’m joining with Kate at Five Minute Friday…


They say that the reward of hard work is the satisfaction of a job well done. It might be said that the reward of hard work is the satisfaction of giving out.

Putting one’s self forward to help others is a complicated process in our days. People have lost their trust in one another. They never know when that neighbor down the block might be dealing heroin to their teenager, or shooting up people in a school, theater, or shopping center.

Occasionally, when I put myself out there to help, I come across skepticism. People are wondering what I want from them, instead of understanding I just want to give them a bit of hope and peace.

God is so far out of the picture, that people are skeptical of him. He is not taught to the multitudes. He is not revered as The Creator. To many, He is only connected with faulty religions, sometimes judgmental attitudes, and fake piety.

How do you approach those without hope, and turn their eyes to the only One with hope?

The reward lies in being willing. Be willing to be open to those in need and stop worrying about the outcome. Be honest, and kind. Look like Jesus in your skin.


22 March 2019


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