It’s Friday once again and I’m linking with Five Minute Friday…

If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you.

James 1:5


If I found myself in a college room with a crowd of physicists, I would be terribly lacking. Their words would be well over my head. Though Math and Science were not my strong points, it would still be a foreign language to me.


The same would be if I were in a garage full of auto mechanics. I could change a tire, add washer fluid, and that’s about all I could do. Press me and I could change the oil.


We all lack something in our lives. Not one of us was born knowing all we know now. Even if we strive for our whole life, we will always lack wisdom. Apparently, God thought we needed it because he continues to tell us we do, and he continues to give it generously.


He delights in our conversations. He delights in helping us to know him better.

Occasionally, we lack wisdom about making decisions. At times it’s as if we were in a fog and can’t find God at all. This is when faith goes deep. This is when we understand what fully trusting in God means.


My husband and I are in that foggy spot for several months. I may never learn any momentous lesson in all this, but I know that God will continue to give wisdom gladly.


How about you? Are you stressed over decisions? Pray, and as Emily P Freeman says in her new book—do the next right thing in love.



4 thoughts on “Lack

  1. amyjuett

    James 1:5 is one of my favorite verses. It is such a great promise and one I cling to on an almost daily basis. I’m taking a moment right now to pray for you and your husband as you navigate this foggy patch.

  2. There are many who would say
    that I’m dumber than a box of rocks.
    I don’t mind, recalling the day
    I jumped an aeroplane over the chocks.
    It was just an engine test,
    at a lower rpm,
    but it must be confessed
    my brain was in neutral then.
    I hit the throttle, nice and hard
    and everything went crazy
    Brakes on, it still crept forward;
    beyond that, it all gets hazy.
    The only damage was to my pride,
    but man, oh, man…what a ride.

    ‘Chocks’ are wooden wedges that keep a parked aeroplane from rolling about, and in this case were used to steady the thing during an engine test, without relying solely on the brakes.

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