Love Came


Life surrounds us in warmth and promise as spring arrives. This week our hearts dwell on the crucifixion and resurrection.

A King came as a human child to be loved by human parents, and in his brief life, he loved thousands upon thousands; sometimes bringing the dead to life again, but bringing all who were willing… to spiritual life.

His message was powerful, his voice must have been gentle, yet drawing like a magnet. There had to be something compelling in his eyes. How else could the fishermen just up and leave their livelihood? Those who said they would follow him to the ends of the earth, died a martyr’s death long after he gave his life up.

But he did not stay dead…

Though they thought he would be an earth-King and throw out the Romans, he came to be a King for All Time.


The Shepherd who tenderly guarded his sheep died for all, making sure all come into the fold. If anyone was lost, he would leave the whole flock to find one lost soul.

Google Image

Of all times for an iconic treasure to burn, it would be this week. Though the Notre Dame Cathedral stands as a skeleton, and people mourn over the world, Christ lives on.

Yes, they can rebuild. Yet Christ has already built his church, though to worship in a house of God is incredible, we can worship him anywhere.


Google image

He said to come to him as a child. We are the sheep, who need a shepherd, we are all as little children. He gave his life to free us, to love us, to make a home with us.

Mocked and physically tortured, he was crucified with strangers on a cross. The Son of God, as God-Man tasted death for the entire world.

Won’t you consider what he has done for you?


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