Hello Friday! Here I am with Kate at Five Minute Friday…

On Fridays, I walk a neighbor girl to the bus stop. This morning it was dark, and the air was heavy with moisture. We heard thunder over the river and I looked at my weather app.

It seemed I had an hour to walk before the rain started, so I headed out.
In less than a quarter of a mile, it suddenly poured.
I am not a runner, but being in decent shape I started to run back, but not before I was soaked.

The touch of that rain was refreshing.

If I could go back into Bible times, I would like to be in that crowd when the woman with the bleeding ailment touched the robe of Christ. Probably not one person noticed her, but Christ felt power leaving him.

Why do you suppose he asked who touched him? I’m sure he knew. I think Christ wanted to look into her face and let her know that he cared. He cared for a woman who suffered for years.

Touch is powerful and whether or not you are a hugger, you need a hug or a touch at some point of your life. So do others. When someone is hurting, don’t recite platitudes. Instead, cry with them and give them a touch.


5 thoughts on “Touch

  1. Pat Brake

    Touch is SO important! I remember hearing about Princess Di touching kepers and others that most people would consider ‘untouchables’! This Biblical story is such a powerful example for all of us!

  2. I am not a hugger;
    you need not dry my tears.
    They call me a mad bugger
    who disdains normal fears.
    Yeah, sure, I’m dying,
    but then again, so what?
    I haven’t time for crying
    while life still runs red-hot.
    Living fast and dying young
    was always what I wanted,
    and in all the songs I’ve sung,
    I still reflect ‘undaunted’.
    Death will come, I do suppose,
    but before I go, I’ll break his nose.

    #1 at FMF this week.

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