What are your opportunities today as you go about your day? I’m here at Five Minute Friday…


As I pack for a weekend of spiritual retreat, I try to put behind me the stress and pressures of my life and focus on what God has to say about this.

I have an opportunity to hear diverse speakers teach what is on their hearts. I’m counting on my heart to be ready to receive. This is timely and something both my husband and I need at this moment.

I want to share a website with you today about a fantastic ministry I have mentioned in my blog before. It is called Chronic Joy Ministries. Cindee and Pamela came together under the prompting of God to start a ministry for people with chronic illness.

These women are dear souls with a heart for God, and they run this ministry while living with chronic illness, and pain. Their hearts are humble and they will be there to help you, or a friend in any way. Possibly you have a loved one living with chronic illness and have no idea how to help. This ministry offers many resources and I hope you check it out below:




12 thoughts on “Opportunity

  1. Good morning! I am returning to #FMF after a long break. I pray you and your husband experience a fresh anointing on your relationship with Our Lord. Thank you for the info in the ministry. I will share it with some friends. In Christ, Julie

    1. Thank you Julie. We are so happy to be going away at this very moment, and thank you for sharing about the ministry. Cindee has written some fantastic workbooks for studies.

  2. Pat Brake

    Diane, thanks for sharing about the Chronic Joy ministry. My oldest daughter, Rachel, has fibromyalgia, tmj pain, and migraines. I shared it with her.

  3. Don’t have a chronic illness;
    got cancer, gonna die.
    God wants me to witness;
    He tells me How, not Why.
    Rise against the pain at dawn
    and do the necessary
    that wife and dogs rely upon,
    but man alive, it’s scary.
    Puking blood, and some things worse,
    and wishing I could rest,
    but indolence is a curse,
    and diligence is best.
    I’ll ignore Heaven’s greeting shout
    and ask God, “What was THAT about?”

  4. Stacey Nalean-Carlson

    Thank you for writing this week about the habits we practice. Opportunity for me to do some reflecting!

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