I’m here at Five Minute Friday and the word of the week is Practice…


This word brings to mind so many thoughts I can hardly limit them to one special thing, but I was thinking of the practice of habits. We all have them. Certainly, we want good habits, but there are still annoying ones we can’t seem to be rid of.

I’m thinking of all those times in the past we ate at McDonald’s; not exactly the best thing for our health. It catches up to us and we know it as we age. We have to eat healthily and limit the amount of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies. (I’m not preaching here).

If we can’t keep our mouth shut and have a habit of telling lies, eventually we realize that we can’t keep any close friends.

Playing cold turkey in any sport, without warming up and practice could be a disaster.

I chose to practice writing here on Five Minute Friday because it makes me think on a word and how it affects me. If my mind is not turning phrases, or building characters, or thinking on God’s nature I become a dull person. I must see the glory in nature.

Focusing daily on my Center is the most important practice that I can do. If I don’t pause and reflect on who he is, I could be undermined. I need to practice focus.

Habits are good if they are healthy habits. Focusing on God is the best and most important practice. It’s lifesaving.


8 thoughts on “Practice

  1. I’m really trying to practice healthier habits. Healthy eating. Healthy lifestyle (um, exercise) and habits for healthy mental/emotional health, too. That’s a whole lot of healthy!!:) And, yes, it takes practice. Good encouragement today!

  2. I passed on cookies and the ice cream,
    turned up my nose at apple pie.
    News flash, baby, it’s no bad dream,
    you are hereby gonna die.
    My fitness was the stuff of glory,
    three hours daily in the gym,
    but here comes the fell dark story
    a blind malignancy’s gonna win.
    I wish that I had hung more loose
    and that I stopped to value life
    ’cause memories are what you choose,
    and it ain’t smart to pic up strife.
    So have the pizza, drink the beer,
    ’cause joy will draw God’s Heaven near.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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