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When I was about eleven years old, my parents moved us to a larger house and I can remember vividly crying my eyes out for weeks. I was the only girl in our little neighborhood, but one who was two years younger. We were best friends.


We moved out of county and I went to another school. It was the end of my life. I was terribly shy and awkward, and had just finished fourth grade. School was a scary place.


Years later, as a pastor’s wife we moved several times. Moving from place to place became the place God was sending us to…next. I tried hard to make the children comfortable, but some moves turned out downright hard. In fact, they seemed wrong for us.  But in most places, I dug the earth to plant a garden, and flowers. If in planting I was not planted to that place, it would not plant my children there either.


We had missionaries and neighbors in our home. Family joined us for the holidays. We came together at the table, occasionally food was hastily thrown together, and always something I baked. Baking bread always made a place feel like home to me. And then, of course, popcorn with a movie.


Moving is difficult, but without the right attitude of making a place become home, there is a disconnect. God has a place for all of us, and we only need take hold of his gift. Life struggles are always there, but He is your place, your peace.







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There’s never enough. We always want more. But what is the ‘more’ we want and how can we come to terms with: what is want and what is need?

I try to imagine what it was like for Eve in the Garden. It was lush and life was easy. She had everything, and talked to God every day of her life. Possibly she was distracted that day she saw the tree. Or on seeing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, she stared at it too long and her thoughts took over. Possibly Adam didn’t steer her away before Eve thought about how good that fruit could be.

Why did she want more? Just one more thing.

Generations later, we are still looking for more. When God is not only knowledge before us, but faith in our hearts, we know the ‘more’ is Him. We may follow him faithfully, but still struggle with wanting more.

Will we be a slave to wanting one more thing until we die? It doesn’t have to be so. I’m reminded of several women who gave their lives to help others. Amy Carmichael, Mother Theresa, Irena Sendler, and this morning I heard of another: Minnie Vautrin who taught in China during the Rape of Nanking. These were incredible women who trusted God above their own safety.

We are not all meant to be Mother Theresa or Minnie Vautrin, but we are all meant to help others. In this world we can’t get along without each other. No man or woman can make it on their own. We all need community.