January has been a squeaky-hard snow cold month and I’m glad to say goodbye. Linking up with Five Minute Friday with a new word…

Where have you been? Where are you going?

Are there more years behind you than in front?  Is this why older folks reminisce so much?  Think about it: they have more history than future. Whoa! I just thought about that for a moment.

Memories of the past rush up to those folks more quickly and on demand. You remember, not only memories with your children, but your own childhood comes to mind. Why does your mind go there?

I don’t think it’s possible to live without memories; without that solid place behind you, the people who brought you up; who molded and influenced you. Even the worst of memories have a past to grow from. But we don’t want to continue to look back. We can’t change the past. It’s over and done.

The challenge is where are we following God in our future? Have we searched the heart of God? I have found, as we have grown older God has given us bigger challenges we never would have looked for. Does this mean he trusts us with harder challenges? God’s way in any era is a winding path, and adapting to God’s path is sometimes the opposite of the way we planned to go.

If you are on God’s path, where will you go? How will you handle the turns, the winding road, the backing up…and hardest of all: the acceptance that where he leads is best. It can be a lifelong and exciting experience.







I’m happy to be linking up with Five Minute Friday and explore another word…in five minutes. Here goes…


It is winter in Upstate New York. It’s a time when I would rather hibernate than rise to another gloomy, cold day. I have to admit that it’s wonderful to get out of bed to flick up the thermostat instead of stirring and building up a fire to keep warm. (This is after I have hunted and chopped up the wood).

While I write, a load is in the washer and I can hear the water filling as it comes through the pipes.  My great-grandmother had to build a fire, go to the well and pump water, and carry it to heat on the stove…all before washing the clothes. Progress is good.

We love our conveniences, but they also love us. Because our technology is so readily available and makes things happen more quickly, they set us up for more work and busier lives.

As you can see, I am writing while the washer is doing it’s work. It seems innocent enough, until the demands and obligations become so great that your life is one-continuous-job-to-do-after-another.

Our day may start at five am, but still end at 8 pm. Why? Because convenience has made us captive by pushing you to extremes. It becomes some state of euphoria to accomplish all the goals.

This is all so convenient for our enemy. As long as we continue a frenzied life he has little to do, except sit with a smile on his face. We make his job so easy.

Unless God brings troubles into our lives, we might only say a quick prayer when we encounter a bump in the road, instead of time set aside for calming the soul in meditative prayer.

Do we know Him as we scurry endlessly?

It’s still January and we could make it a goal to slow down and listen for God. Let’s give our enemy something to worry about…let’s slow down.