In the month of October I will be linking up with other writers on Five Minute Friday for thirty-one days. Each day I will write about one word for five minutes. Here goes…

I love doing research, which is why I enjoy working on my family tree. I love to find answers that are mysteries to me. 
History was always my favorite subject in school. I love reading about the past, and I love Geography. I love to travel and my favorite GPS are old-fashioned maps.

Every human is searching for something.  I travel to see different places than where I live. I delve into the past to discover people and unknown stories of family I have never met. 

Some enjoy the thrill of extreme games, rock climbing, skydiving, or hiking the whole long way of the Appalachian Trail. They make goals, meet them,  and for a while the adrenaline rush satisfies.

I’ve mentioned the divine spark, that ‘something’ in us that propels us to search for deeper meaning in life. There are those who search all their lives outside themselves, when all along it is not something to do, but someone to discover.

Where is your search taking you? Have you discovered the reason you are alive?

 …your purpose in life? 

…the Creator of all?


A Day in Sackets Harbor

Sackets Harbor Battlefield State Historic Site

It was steaming up to a hot and humid day, and summer solstice had not yet come. We planned a short trip–three days and just three hours away. My husband and I headed to the St. Lawrence River, but made a stop here to see the battlefield site. Being history lovers, we found much to learn.

You will find that parking is free right in front of Lake Ontario.

There are some plank walkways to the wonderfully well-kept old buildings, and on the other side of the park are paths through trees, grasses and wild flowers. There is a pavilion you can rent, including several picnic tables.

If you go in the gift shop,for a guided tour through the Commandant’s house, you can pay a mere $3.00 per adult, $2 student or senior, and children 12 and under are free.  It is worth your time and takes about ½ hour.

Information markers

After the outbreak of the War of 1812, Sackets Harbor became the hub of Naval operations on Lake Ontario. Living in barracks with the cold and misery of winter, dysentery and other sicknesses, the soldiers were often very ill.

The British took over the nearby Horse Island…and the rest of the history I will let you discover.

The barracks stood in this nearby field.


Commandant’s house


Ladies tea room


Great views from in the house


Laundry done in the cellar in winter


If you love history, I bet there are a hundred books on history related to the war of 1812 in that bookstore. They do have the usual gifts and postcards, but also some unique and local art as well.

Field monument

An educational building about ships


Ship hammocks

I highly recommend visiting this park if you are in the New York state region of Lake Ontario.  It’s a great day trip for your family.


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