It’s Friday and time to link on Five Minute Friday…

This is the season for candles and cozy indoors with coffee and a good book. At present I am reading Run With Horses, The Quest for Life at its Best, by Eugene Peterson. As I read, I am also reading the book of Jeremiah. You remember? “The weeping prophet?” Yes, he’s the one who continually prayed for his people and they continued to turn a blind eye. Talk about discouragement!

We can make messes out of our lives, or we can follow the right path, and still find our lives a mess. There are losses at every turn.

I’m going through some losses that are difficult for me, but for someone else my losses are minimal.  Some losses are much deeper than mine…unbelievable losses.

Jeremiah persevered in prayer even though things looked bad. The people of Israel were living lives of their own, praying to false gods, and ignoring the One God who saved them from their enemies time and time again.

I can’t ignore affliction, no one can. Would we whine to God about the unfair life we have been dealt? On the contrary, what do we really deserve?

I thank God for the ‘deep, deep love of Jesus’, and what he did at the cross. Such a sacrifice of a father to give his only son. So what are we waiting for? Let us go deep with Jesus and learn that the depth of God’s love is unfathomable!





In the month of October I will be linking up with other writers on Five Minute Friday for thirty-one days. Each day I will write about one word for five minutes. Here goes…

Who are you? Who am I?

The worst thing I can do to myself is dwell on who I am and how to make myself better. I have found that too much inward thinking makes me morose, and eventually I don’t like myself.

I used to think this way nearly all the time, especially as a young person. Those years I definitely tried to figure myself out, but by God’s grace he has changed my thinking around.

Learning to center on God and who he is has changed me. He makes all things work to my benefit.

He loves to draw us nearer. In the hard things, we want to hide and lick our wounds.  Like these:

Things in our lives that take us to the unknown for a long time.

Things such as chronic illness.

Things such as death of a relationship, or death of a loved one.

Things like mental illness, or drug addiction.

How do we handle this stuff? We can’t on our own. If we think we can, we are kidding ourselves. We learn to bring it to him, and though we may question why, we may never have any answers.

There is such wealth in looking back on our lives. It may bring answers, but who we are is most important.

If we trust Christ, we are in him and he is in us. Who we are is always beautiful, safe, loved, and blessed.

Who is in you is the key.