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Change or job loss can be big time hurdles these days. Are you too young? Too old for a job? What if you are at retirement age and you still want to work or have to work? If you live in a depressed area, as we do, it adds to the tension.

Sometimes the job change involves moving…

We’ve been in that wondering stage for several months now and still have only a few answers. How can you plan ahead? For us, this job change involves moving…again. We’ve moved here just one year ago. With our future hanging in front of us as a monumental question mark, I can’t sleep, I stress, (no I didn’t binge on Easter peeps!) but I realize none of this is my fault and I can’t hurry up the answers.


I’ve been reading Praying the Promises of the Cross for forty days. It is a Lenten study which has been directing my thoughts to what Christ did on the cross for me. It has been a time of quiet focus. He offered himself on the cross for us. I cannot fathom what it was to carry all the sins of the world on himself.

Whatever is the new job for my husband, I want to be always in the mindset of offering myself to what Christ has chosen for me.


There are times in life when your decisions do not mesh with your parents, wife, husband, or coworker. What do you do in these circumstances? What do you do while you are waiting? Sometimes you can’t wait on a decision. Some things are time sensitive and a decision must be made quickly, even if it means a huge adjustment for you.


Have you ever been in a position when a decision needs to be made and you don’t agree with your husband? I’ll be honest and say that’s right where I am right now. So, what do I do?


Offer myself to Christ. I want this to go his way.




What is the measure of life? Sharing something special in my life at Five Minute Friday…



It’s feeling like spring in New York State, and five of us, plus a springer spaniel trudged through melting snow in the forest of our choice. We were looking for deer sheds in Shingadin Hollow State Forest.

We found melting tracks that spread out wide and shallow…disappearing. This was the sharpest looking track we found.

In the dull greens and browns of the woods, we found this ancient apple tree, and a tree scraped clean by a bear. A stream ran slowly through the old trees. In the dullness of post-winter, we found amazingly bright colors of blue, red and green.


How could I measure the day I had with a daughter and some Grands in a piece of my life? We talked of old stories and Vikings. I began to sag on the way back. It was a 2-mile hike. The struggle in the slippery snow was wearing on me. I had to pause and look at that straight trail, listen and breathe in peace.


There is no measure to the wealth of nature. There is no measure to times with growing Grands. I treasure them and hold tight memories in my heart. Such a simple thing as taking a walk takes the cares of life away and makes you appreciate life.


Take a walk with someone you love. Take your time and breathe in those evergreens. Listen to the birds.

You can’t measure the time, enjoy it. Hold it close.












Ephesians 4:13

“…until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ”.