January has been a squeaky-hard snow cold month and I’m glad to say goodbye. Linking up with Five Minute Friday with a new word…

Where have you been? Where are you going?

Are there more years behind you than in front?  Is this why older folks reminisce so much?  Think about it: they have more history than future. Whoa! I just thought about that for a moment.

Memories of the past rush up to those folks more quickly and on demand. You remember, not only memories with your children, but your own childhood comes to mind. Why does your mind go there?

I don’t think it’s possible to live without memories; without that solid place behind you, the people who brought you up; who molded and influenced you. Even the worst of memories have a past to grow from. But we don’t want to continue to look back. We can’t change the past. It’s over and done.

The challenge is where are we following God in our future? Have we searched the heart of God? I have found, as we have grown older God has given us bigger challenges we never would have looked for. Does this mean he trusts us with harder challenges? God’s way in any era is a winding path, and adapting to God’s path is sometimes the opposite of the way we planned to go.

If you are on God’s path, where will you go? How will you handle the turns, the winding road, the backing up…and hardest of all: the acceptance that where he leads is best. It can be a lifelong and exciting experience.







I’m coming today from Five Minute Friday and our word for the week is Influence…


The sweetest days can be watching toddler grandchildren. They are constantly curious, testing out their walking abilities, learning to use a fork and spoon, and investigating all places in the home. We know they are full of energy…energy we wish we still possessed.

My youngest grandson lights up when he sees my face because he recognizes me, as do the older Grands. It is encouraging when they recognize you and remember you for the first time.

I wonder…how do they see me? How will they remember me? I don’t want to be remembered as a crabby old grandma always complained about something. I hope they will remember kindness and all the times we spent at the lake for Grandma and Grandpa camp. Not the birthday gifts, which are tangible, but love, influence, and time I have spent in each ones life.

Hopefully they will remember encouragement, the bravos for a great job, the hugs when they cry, and the advice I may give in a situation.

Most of all, may they see God in me. May they see the struggles of my life overcome by the One living in me.

To me, this is most important. Influencing younger children has an impact on society. We all need to pitch in and show kindness. May we look upon it as our duty.