Cozy Up with a Cuppa Tea

The rain drizzles outside my windows all day.

It’s dark and dreary…the endless gray-time of winter.

Lilac buds are in a fragile state, having gone past the ‘safe zone’, and I know winter in Upstate New York isn’t over until it’s over.

I imagine Jesus here cozy on my couch and drinking a cuppa Tulsi Licorice Spice tea with me. He would be comfortable and put his feet up; therefore I would be comfortable.

Can you imagine the discussion?

Or possibly none at all…just sipping tea in silence, and I enjoying his presence as he enjoys mine.

Would I drink my tea, or would I let it grow cold and be at his feet in worship? Would I be dumbstruck and not ask anything of him?

I’ve big questions on my mind again about this hurting world and tearing away of hope in hearts. If only we could rest at night when things are sad around us.

I know one more marriage struggling outwardly…secrets no more.

I know one more young person barely into adulthood dead of a drug overdose – so close I saw the flashing lights of police and emergency rescue teams.

No hope? Sometimes I’m tired of talking about hope, reading about hope, waiting for hope!

Then I realize I am once again focused on that one thing that is dragging me down, instead of looking up to the hope that is within me.

Jesus knows…he knows these ones. He loves them beyond what I could love.

We sip our tea in silence, and though I was weary…once again I have hope.

Jesus thanks me for the cuppa, stands and removes a hefty sword from his side and hands it gently to me. He is smiling, and as I lift the sword I expect I will need two hands, and how will I wield it?

But no, it is light…as is his burden.

We know that the one who raised the Lord Jesus from the dead is with us. Paul says,

“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day.”

Stand firm, believe, and you will be renewed.

Remember the cross? Remember the blood he shed?


Running Out of Storage Space…or How I Fixed my Blog


Last week while I was writing my recent blog on Texas, I loaded a few photos, and everything stopped. That is when I looked at the MB space…I had run out. After writing on a “free” blog since 2011, I had run out of space.

Now, I’m especially happy with WordPress and all I pay for my blog is $18 a year to keep my domain name…but now what was I going to do about space?

I had two choices as I looked at it: delete old posts for more room or pay (a premium price) for premium on WordPress.

Since I’ve never published a book, or built a platform, maybe there was a third choice: stop blogging. After all, I don’t have to have a huge following of readers. If one person besides me enjoys my photos, or is encouraged by my words, I’m good with that. But I’m not ready to pay a bigger price.

I know that the premium price has its possibilities for growing my blog, but not for me, not at this time. So, I searched for answers and came up with this:

All I had to do was chose the company (WordPress) and dates to remove, and within seconds Blogbooker took my pages (including photos) and handily made them into a PDF book. For free they took my pages from 2011-2014 and saved them to PDFs. Yahoo! Problem solved!

Even though it seemed a cutting out of the heart, I still had those past words saved on my Mac. This was an easy fix, and if I wanted to pay more I could save it all.

Then my questioning mind went on to more thoughts. What happens when we run out of storage space? Let’s say, stuff in your house…stuff it in the garage? Rent a storage building? Build a shed? I thought beyond the garage or computer storage…


Google image
Google image

What would we do if our prayer storage space ran out with God? What if God had limits to our prayers? What if those things you constantly worried and prayed over, were just thrown out by God the second time he heard it?

“Nope. Sorry…you can only pray that prayer once.” Or…

“Why are you still worrying and whining?”

“I can’t believe you are still whining!”

“Nope! We are done with this. Haven’t you learned? Move on or I will answer someone else’s prayers.”


I know this makes God seem human, without patience, and without compassion. As humans we sometimes tend to think God has the same attitude as we do. That we are tired of others whining and we lose patience.



David had a lifetime of enemies chasing him, more than you or I will ever have, but other things chase us: worry, fear, illness, hard relationships, and financial woes.

Philippians encourages us to rejoice in the LORD. Don’t be anxious—pray about everything!


Thank God that He doesn’t have an end to his patience! There is nothing that will keep him from listening to our prayers, however humble or stupid we think they are. In fact, humble is the best word to describe the way we should meet him in prayer.

I’ve been waiting for a long time for some prayers to be answered. It’s possible they will never be answered, or come about in the way I think they should. My plans seem so right, but does God bless them?

His plan is the best for me!  And he also knows my desires. He has made me and he knows me, just as he knows you.  So don’t worry about God’s prayer storage space being too full: he is a loving God intent on hearing all your prayers.