Friday is here once again and I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday…here’s todays word…

Why do we think that to get a job done well, we need to start with a huge level of confidence? Where does this confidence come from? Is it possible that it never comes for some and they procrastinate?

There are some jobs I don’t “need” to be confident. For example, this morning I chose to run the vacuum, (a boring job, but someone has to do it). I never thought about how well I could do this job–I just pulled the machine out and got the job done.

While writing on Five Minute Fridays, writing articles, absorbing writing videos, I have a bigger project I should make my priority. Where is my confidence? Possibly the bigger project is over my head. Perhaps I think to be confident depends on me.

Confidence in ourselves takes us just so far. In 1 Corinthians, Paul is talking to those brothers and sisters called by Christ. They were not high-ranking folks, but normal people, most likely weak and needy, but Christ built up their strength and they lived in his confidence.

Who or what are you depending on in your life today? Our own strength eventually falls flat when we depend on our own humanity.

Confidence in Christ is a firm trust, peace and strength that when all else fails, he still holds onto us.



It’s Friday and time to link on Five Minute Friday…

This is the season for candles and cozy indoors with coffee and a good book. At present I am reading Run With Horses, The Quest for Life at its Best, by Eugene Peterson. As I read, I am also reading the book of Jeremiah. You remember? “The weeping prophet?” Yes, he’s the one who continually prayed for his people and they continued to turn a blind eye. Talk about discouragement!

We can make messes out of our lives, or we can follow the right path, and still find our lives a mess. There are losses at every turn.

I’m going through some losses that are difficult for me, but for someone else my losses are minimal.  Some losses are much deeper than mine…unbelievable losses.

Jeremiah persevered in prayer even though things looked bad. The people of Israel were living lives of their own, praying to false gods, and ignoring the One God who saved them from their enemies time and time again.

I can’t ignore affliction, no one can. Would we whine to God about the unfair life we have been dealt? On the contrary, what do we really deserve?

I thank God for the ‘deep, deep love of Jesus’, and what he did at the cross. Such a sacrifice of a father to give his only son. So what are we waiting for? Let us go deep with Jesus and learn that the depth of God’s love is unfathomable!