I’m joining with others at Five Minute Friday today and the word is…

At our home, we are still playing the waiting game. I want to put a name on the next job for my husband, and a name on the town we will be moving to, yet we still wait.

There is no sense in asking why, when or where if the time is not right.

Yesterday I read some words that we often don’t read unless we are in the Christmas season.

       “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him

              Immanuel which means “God with us.” Matthew 1:23

As I went about my day I focused on this name of God and it gave me encouragement. It kept my mind off the (seemingly) giant problems in our lives at the moment. Then I began to think on other names of God that I might focus on.

There are times when I think God doesn’t see me, that I am unimportant, but it’s not true…God sees me. There is a name for that: El Roi.

Just as Adam gave names to all of God’s creation, the people of God had names for him. Here are a few more:

  • Abba (Papa)
  • Adonai (LORD)
  • Alpha and Omega (beginning and the end)
  • Elohim (Creator)
  • El-Shaddai (God Almighty)
  • I AM (He just IS)
  • Yahweh (Self Existent One)

If you don’t think God sees you and you need to be reminded of who he is, and how he cares for you, take some time and study the names of God and be lifted up.







What are your opportunities today as you go about your day? I’m here at Five Minute Friday…


As I pack for a weekend of spiritual retreat, I try to put behind me the stress and pressures of my life and focus on what God has to say about this.

I have an opportunity to hear diverse speakers teach what is on their hearts. I’m counting on my heart to be ready to receive. This is timely and something both my husband and I need at this moment.

I want to share a website with you today about a fantastic ministry I have mentioned in my blog before. It is called Chronic Joy Ministries. Cindee and Pamela came together under the prompting of God to start a ministry for people with chronic illness.

These women are dear souls with a heart for God, and they run this ministry while living with chronic illness, and pain. Their hearts are humble and they will be there to help you, or a friend in any way. Possibly you have a loved one living with chronic illness and have no idea how to help. This ministry offers many resources and I hope you check it out below: