I just finished a month of repeating myself on Five Minute Friday. I didn’t even realize that Friday was coming up quickly. Do people care that I take five minutes to talk about a word?

We repeat all the time. We have many habits, or funky things we do often. Most habits are good, others should be ditched. Habits can break us down. Habits can keep us on a schedule, but sometimes it’s good to forget a schedule.

When walk out with my camera, I’m not usually confined to a time limit. Going out in pouring rain is impractical. I don’t want to ruin my digital camera. Winter never seems to be a problem. The camera hasn’t frozen yet. (I may want to check on what temperatures are too cold).

I love reading books and some I have reread several times. Most of these books are classics, such as C.S. Lewis, Tolkien, George MacDonald, and Charles Dickens. One other book I read over and over is the Word of God. It is always the same, yet it opens my eyes to new spiritual growth all the time.

What do you repeat in your life?

May you search for positive habits and be blessed.