Today is Friday and I am once again linking up with others at Five Minute Friday…

When given a word to write about, sometimes too many thoughts come to mind, but I want to encompass the whole world in one thought: all of mankind is in a search.


When I set myself apart from God, which is easy to do, I am on the search for what I want or think I need. I do not see God in the flesh, though he is in me and all around me. Think of waking and knowing you slept all night without consciously breathing. He’s taking care of that and you don’t give it a thought.


A study in any part of nature proves a higher being exists. Birdwatching is one of my favorite pastimes. It delights me to see an eagle soar over the Susquehanna River, or a hawk watching from a tall leafless tree. He’s waiting for movement; for breakfast.




Though God is not in the flesh, when we are still and concentrate on the search we are overwhelmed by his presence. He is everywhere and in everything. The divine spark is in us all, and while searching for life, may we not deny the spark.





In the month of October I will be linking up with other writers on Five Minute Friday for thirty-one days. Each day I will write about one word for five minutes. Here goes…

I love doing research, which is why I enjoy working on my family tree. I love to find answers that are mysteries to me. 
History was always my favorite subject in school. I love reading about the past, and I love Geography. I love to travel and my favorite GPS are old-fashioned maps.

Every human is searching for something.  I travel to see different places than where I live. I delve into the past to discover people and unknown stories of family I have never met. 

Some enjoy the thrill of extreme games, rock climbing, skydiving, or hiking the whole long way of the Appalachian Trail. They make goals, meet them,  and for a while the adrenaline rush satisfies.

I’ve mentioned the divine spark, that ‘something’ in us that propels us to search for deeper meaning in life. There are those who search all their lives outside themselves, when all along it is not something to do, but someone to discover.

Where is your search taking you? Have you discovered the reason you are alive?

 …your purpose in life? 

…the Creator of all?