Happy Friday! The sun is shining from where I am, though it’s a chilly 8*F. Linking up with Five Minute Friday…


There’s never enough. We always want more. But what is the ‘more’ we want and how can we come to terms with: what is want and what is need?

I try to imagine what it was like for Eve in the Garden. It was lush and life was easy. She had everything, and talked to God every day of her life. Possibly she was distracted that day she saw the tree. Or on seeing the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, she stared at it too long and her thoughts took over. Possibly Adam didn’t steer her away before Eve thought about how good that fruit could be.

Why did she want more? Just one more thing.

Generations later, we are still looking for more. When God is not only knowledge before us, but faith in our hearts, we know the ‘more’ is Him. We may follow him faithfully, but still struggle with wanting more.

Will we be a slave to wanting one more thing until we die? It doesn’t have to be so. I’m reminded of several women who gave their lives to help others. Amy Carmichael, Mother Theresa, Irena Sendler, and this morning I heard of another: Minnie Vautrin who taught in China during the Rape of Nanking. These were incredible women who trusted God above their own safety.

We are not all meant to be Mother Theresa or Minnie Vautrin, but we are all meant to help others. In this world we can’t get along without each other. No man or woman can make it on their own. We all need community.







How to Wake Up a Winter-Clouded Brain

Winter is hanging on tooth & nail and I needed a healthy outing. Just as spring fights its way here (gently I might add), I have to drag my poor tired, listless brain out for something different.

Thus: a meeting with a likeminded daughter at Starbucks.

Already I learned something new: The limited Tribute blend (dark cherry & spice). It was calling my name, and at a great price.

After some catch up time, and the 2-year-old grandson started to fidget, we ran some errands and ended up at Barnes & Noble searching for the illusive FLOW magazine (international).

My two copies




Thought provoking.



Fun things to do.



Articles of famous people.




The idea of women gathering together to hash out ideas, brainstorm articles and make colorful art is heartwarming, stimulating—electric!
Once again—it is not there.


Of course, we don’t give up; we keep searching the magazine racks, hoping that by continuing the search we can make FLOW appear!

Personally, I don’t buy them often, but borrow from my daughter. My shelf boasts only two copies. You see, it’s not a throw away magazine. It’s more of a book.

There wasn’t one magazine on any shelves that interested us…until we saw a new cover—bella Grace.



It’s new—3rd issue in the series, and it’s published in California. It says, “Life’s a Beautiful Journey,” on the eye-catching cover, but I still skimmed over it to find FLOW. When I came back to it, we were both picking it up.


Soft hues in the photographs, catchy quotes from famous people, color, and articles that speak to the creative at heart. Women together are creating peace, excitement, and beauty for all of us.









The wind blusters, slushy snow still covers much of the ground, clouds gray, and drama plays out in the sky, changing instantly from gray to bright sun. With all that going on,  I am encouraged by something as simple, but at the same time, as carefully thought out and well crafted as this magazine.

I see my first robin in the driveway when I get home and I wonder what on earth he is eating. Rain has let up, but it’s the treadmill for me and I wonder how long I will have to wait for a “good day” to venture out to another trail.

Tonight I can snuggle up with bella Grace and hot cocoa, and let my mind soak in new ideas, redone ideas, color, photos and exciting art. My winter-clouded brain will be stimulated…possibly to create!

Keep a sharp eye out for freshness and life. All we created ones have something to bring to encourage others. Love well.